Organic Blueberries

We include blueberries in our Organic Energy Bars not merely for their delicious taste, but because of their amazing health benefits!  Blueberries are one of the most nutrient-dense foods, full of antioxidants, fiber, and proanthocyanidins which combat aging.  They are also known to improve memory, manage blood pressure, and promote heart health.

Gary & Lynn Haase grow the blueberries you enjoy every time you take a bite of one of our Blueberry Almond Organic Energy Bars.  Since 1986, Blueberry Ridge Farm has operated as an organic farm with standards so strict that the USDA sought Gary’s advice when defining organic certification regulations.  They have complete quality control during every stage of processing.  They are the growers, the pickers, the packers, and the shippers.

Gary & Lynn | Sherwood, OR

Gary & Lynn | Sherwood, OR

Gary & Lynn have been truly innovative in their organic farming practices.  Planting roses at the ends, grass between, and sawdust underneath rows not only makes their farm beautiful, but aids in pollination and minimizes weed growth.  Organic certification calls for NO use of pesticides or herbicides, which can carry these chemicals from under the plants to the stems, leaves and blueberries even if they are not present at the time of application.

Because weeds compete with blueberry plants for water and nutrients, the Haases are always trying innovative methods for grass and weed control.  Truly admirable in their dedication to organic, they pull weeds by hand or use hoes and commercial weed whackers.

Even the drying process is superior at Blueberry Ridge Farm.  Blueberries are not picked until they are fully ripe.  They are harvested when the berries are at their peak of flavor for maximum taste and nutrition.  Many processors dry fruit at a high temperature, destroying all healthy enzymes, but the organic blueberries at Blueberry Ridge Farm are dried at a low temperature to retain all nutrients.

Blueberry Ridge Farm’s dehydration process removes moisture by simply moving heated air across trays of organic blueberries.  When they reach the desired moisture level, the berries are placed in containers to equalize the moisture level.  After one final inspection, the dried organic blueberries are vacuum sealed, using nitrogen flush—sealing in the freshness, stabilizing the moisture, preventing mold, and maintaining that fantastic organic Oregon blueberry taste.

Josh BrunsUSA-Grown, Oregon