Eñaut Izagirre

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"I grew up hiking and climbing mountains in the Pyrenees together with my parents, and when I was at the university studying a Geography degree, I was part of the Basque ski-mountaineering racing team (2008-2011).  In the last years, I focused on kayaking and mountaineering activities with experience in the Pyrenees, Norway, the Alps, and recently Patagonia.

I left competitions to start enjoying mountains and nature activities in a more profound way, and that’s how I started doing exploration expeditions when I lived in Punta Arenas (Chile) from 2013 to 2016, while I was studying a Master’s Degree in Glaciology.

I was one of the INCOGNITA PATAGONIA project leaders and granted National Geographic Young Explorer.  During the expedition in March-April 2016, the team accomplished the first traverse of the remote Cloue Icefield (south of Cordillera Darwin), establishing two new first ascents on the main summits of the icefield, and conducting a large glacier research in a very successful expedition.

Newly, I have conducted the Reclus-Bernal expedition in March 2017, exploring the recent activity of the Reclus volcano and some of the westernmost glaciers in Patagonia, such as Amalia Chica and Bernal glaciers. 

Finally, after finishing my MS thesis in late 2016 about Marinelli glacier (Cordillera Darwin) past fluctuations and contemporary dynamics at the University of Magallanes (Punta Arenas, Chile), nowadays I am waiting response of the University of the Basque Country for a PhD grant and its future scientific project focused in southern Patagonia.

I usually have Skout bars with me for any kind of mountaineering activities, from trail running training in the Basque mountains to the exploration expeditions in Patagonia.  Their organic components and homemade recipes make them singular, tasty and healthy; it’s a life style for outdoor activities."