Ibai Rico


"When I was 8 years old I felt a call from the mountains, to climb them, live them, love them. Since that core was created I have been pursuing my mountain dreams; glaciology and science to understand the mountains, climbing and exploring as a way of personal development - guiding and moving to the mountains as professional development and way of life.

Skout fits perfectly with the demands of my lifestyle, either skiing steep slopes in chile, climbing a north face in the alps, doing fieldwork in a remote glacier in Alaska or simply going for a weekend adventure back home in the Pyrenees. It fuels me with strength and gives those moments the taste of healthy energy. 

Skout products have fueled recent expeditions and climbs and it has been a very satisfactory experience to test the bars in extraordinary hard alpine conditions. I believe that alpine style climbing exploration requires a large portion of will and spiritual strength, but also careful planning of strategy, including food products that are light, tasty and most importantly high on energy and nourishment."