Jason Haddy

Photo by Audra Terry Photography

Photo by Audra Terry Photography

Hometown: Junction City, OR

Facebook Handle: @jason.haddy3

Instagram Handle: @jason_runs_ultras

Twitter Handle: @jasonhaddy3

Tumblr Handle: highelevationultras.tumblr.com

"Oregon has an amazing network of trails that I couldn’t stand idle and not take advantage of them.  [My ideal weekend] would start with camping and hiking in the high desert of Central Oregon and finish on the sandy trails of the Oregon coast.  Every waking hour would be spent exploring new trails with my family until it was time to settle down for the night back at camp.  Then get up the next morning and start all over again.

Why Skout: Skout bars, seeds and gels fit perfect into life style because of the ingredients that are used. I strive to put the best kinds of food into my body and Skout Backcountry checks all the boxes."