Kelly Carleson

Kelly Carleson

Facebook Handle: kelly.witty

Instagram Handle: @misswitt

Twitter Handle: @einetassecafe

Hometown: native to Portland, Oregon

“Single mama of 4 kids. 2 of them are actually adults though but they'll always be kiddos. I work as a school nurse which is the most hilarious job ever. Athletically-I've been a swimmer since birth and have been a runner for 39 years. I live in Germany, the trails here are incredible. When I only had three kids I finished two Ironmans, a gob of running races, and threw in some cyclocross races. More currently, I did a trail ultra this summer (36 miles) and the Berlin marathon. I am well known in my community as "the runner girl" and my students and their families are super supportive and curious. I also coach the high school XC team. Sometimes I share my Skout bars with them but I admit, I covet them. My favorite thing to do is head out my door and hit the trails and mountains by foot or on bike---and nordic skis in the winter!”

Why Skout: I have the wonkiest stomach ever and Skout bars work for me! My dietician gives them a thumbs up, too. (I've shared them with her, too). They taste fantastic and are easy to chew. My favorite is when a little peanut bit lingers in my mouth (TMI?) The size of the bar is fantastic, too. They slip nicely into my vest pockets and jersey pockets. I've also been known to crumble an apple cinnamon bar into my morning oatmeal. It's so good. I also appreciate how Skout bars hold their shape-they don't get that flattened sad way in the summer, nor to they get scary crispy in the winter. And let's not forget, they taste great with coffee.

Fav product: Argentinian Peanut Butter Organic Energy Bar!  It tastes and feels like a peanut butter cookie!  I love them!  Oregon Blueberry is up close because, well, Oregon.  Also, SKOUT bars are approved by my GI tract!

Fav Sport: Running-I really, really love running.  Swimming is a close 2nd because it was my first love, and cycling (touring and 'cross).  Yoga is in the mix because it enhances my sports and makes me feel really good.  In the winter if we have enough snow I adore cross country skiing.  My favorite day would be running in the mountains followed by popping into a cozy gasthaus for hot coffee. 

2018 Accomplishments: My "A" race was cancelled (50km) so my brother and I routed our own and completed a 57km trail run.  Needless to say, I had at least 4 SKOUT bars to get me through.  7 weeks later I did the Berlin Marathon.

2019 Goals: another Ultra event, plus several on my own.  I'd really like to run all sections of the JuraSteig, hit the trails on Mont Blanc, and ride the Alpe Adria route.  In addition, come out of the woods and run the Munich or Ulm marathon.  My main goal is to stay healthy and strong!