Laura Pierson


"I began mountaineering in 2013 when my husband told me that he would climb Mt. Hood by himself if I didn't climb it with him.  I'm not exactly sure if it was my competitive nature that drove me to keep up with him or my selfish/morbid insistence that if he died on a mountain, it was only going to be after I had done everything possible to save him.  What started out as a dare has turned into a passion that we share and push each other in until we got to the point that we could make a summit in half the time that a book suggested.  Last year we summited the last of the 19 highest peaks in the PNW when we bagged Mt. Olympus and Mt. Shuksan, both while I was pregnant with our daughter.

We have also trekked extensively in the Himalaya region and have a passion for the culture over there.

Professionally, I have been a 911 dispatcher for the last 10 years.  This experience has given me the ability to make high-risk decisions quickly and without much oversight... the stress has also driven me to the outdoors.

As our life is transitioning with our daughter, my husband and climbing partner continues to climb mountains with other friends while I work to retrain my body for the mountains with running and hikes with my daughter.  Clara is undergoing her own training--so far she's been on countless hikes, two backpacking trips and went on an overnight "tent-acclimation" trip with her dad in the backyard.

 Summit of Mt. Olympus

Summit of Mt. Olympus

For years my husband and I have called ourselves "Team Pierson" and in December Clara has become the third member of that team.  We strive to continue to be in the mountains as a family and push ourselves beyond our own limits.

I love the Washington Apple Cinnamon Organic Energy Bar because it tastes a little like an apple pie and not at all like the normal bar flavors.  Up in the mountains, peanut butter is one of our go-to snacks since it high in calories and fat.  It's nice to have energy bar options that don't include peanut butter to help mix things up.

While most "adventure food" (as I call it) is dry, bland and full of questionable ingredients, Skout's products provide the nutrition we need for our summit pushes without sacrificing flavor or quality.  There is nothing the reward of a good Skout bar after a hard push to a summit while a weather window is fast closing. It provides the energy needed to high-tail it back to camp without feeling like chalk in your mouth."