Matt Cusack


Hometown: Spokane, WA

Social: @mattqsack

"I am passionate about cycling, rock climbing, and hiking with my family.  My ideal weekend would be 5-6 hours of Mountainous riding then good food, hiking and time in the water with family.  Challenging myself, learning about myself, experiences it brings, and the competition inspire me to life a live full of adventures.”

Why Skout: I choose Skout Backcountry to fuel my adventures because it is tasty, easy to digest awesomeness with high quality ingredients.

Fav Product: Oregon Blueberry almond energy bar- tastes soooo good and so easy to digest at hard efforts makes it a win win for me.

Fav Sport: Cycling- fun, social, fast, and can cover major miles to cool places.

Goals: Podium at Stage Race, and spend as much time as possible with my toddler.

2018 Accomplishments:

  • Upgraded to category 2 cyclist.

  • 4th Place- Tour de Dung #2 Road Race- Cat 3

  • Tour de Dung #2 Road Race - later in day Masters 35+ 1/2/3 20th Place

  • 3rd Place -Vance Creek Road Race- Cat 3

  • 5th Place--Tour de Bloom Stage 1- Plain Road Race-- masters 35+ Pro1/2/3 

  • 4th Place --Spokane Country Race way Circuit Race-- Cat 1/2/3 

  • 2nd Place Ronde van Palouse

  • 4th- Spokane Festival of Speed Crit- 1/2/3s

  • 1st Spokane County Raceway Circuit race 1/2/s

  • 8th High Desert Omnium Cat 3

  • 1st place for Tuesday night Series in 1/2/3 Field for season!

  • 5th Place - WSBA State Road Race Champs

  • 3rd Place- Cat Pro1/2 Riverbend Crit