Morgan Tashea

"I thrive from exploration and adventure. Stepping outside of my comfort zone and reaching higher allows me to grow and flourish in all aspects of my life.  I recently took a new job with Outdoor Project launching their first west coast event series and will be hosting eight events in eight different cities this summer.  I also have recently moved into a van full time and will be on the road for work and adventure for the next year.  I am just leaping back into running and will be racing in the Crater Lake Half Marathon and the Backcountry Rise 20 miler this summer.

Skout stands apart for me because I have some serious allergies and Skout bars are one of the only bars that I can eat.  Skout works for my adventures because they are quick, easy, delicious, and power me up.  Skout is my snack during long days to keep me going.  The seeds are my salty pleasure when exhausted.  Skout is a part of my everyday, I constantly have them in my pack ready to fuel me when I’m feeling hangry."