Morgan Tashea

Ambassador Morgan

Ambassador Morgan

Hometown: Portland, Oregon

Instagram Handle: @morgantashea

Facebook Handle: m.tashea

"Morgan Tashea is an Organizational Development Consultant and Personal Leadership Coach. After living in the road full time for a year a half she is hanging around the NW for a bit exploring her favorite trails and backroads in PNW. Morgan thrives out in the wilderness either hiking, trail running, rafting, or just being tucked away in her van in the woods with her partner and sweet tripawd pup, Tapeats.”

Why Skout: Skout stands apart for me because I have some serious allergies and Skout bars are one of the only bars that I can eat.  Skout works for my adventures because they are quick, easy, delicious, and power me up.  Skout is my snack during long days to keep me going.  The seeds are my salty pleasure when exhausted.  Skout is a part of my everyday, I constantly have them in my pack ready to fuel me when I’m feeling hangry."

Fav. Product: I absolutely love Skout's pumpkin seeds! I love grabbing a handful for extra fuel and the flavor is incredible. I toss them into many of easy go to van meals to add in a little extra protein. 

Fav. Sport: Backpacking is my jam! I love being out in the wilderness carrying everything I need on my back. Also, I love a good rafting trip, days on the river are pure bliss!

2018 Accomplishments: Man, 2018 was a big year! My word for 2018 was compass, allowing myself to follow my heart and not miss out on the peripheral adventures that a tunnel vision can sometimes miss out on. It led me to van life in Baja and rafting down the Grand Canyon. It also allowed me to finish my Master's program in Industrial and Organizational Psychology and created my own consulting company. 

2019 Goals: I'm still defining my 2019 goals. But one big goal is to host a few retreats for women looking to Own Their Worth! Identifying goals, vision, personal skills, and building their own personal story and OWNING IT! Add in learning some backpacking skills and enjoying the great outdoors with a rad group of humans! More to come as I am using January to hone in on my 2019 dreams!