Raina Rausch

Raina Rausch3.jpg

"I got interested in running initially in high school because I wanted to be a better soccer player. I kind of fell away from it, then started running again after having kids when I saw how out of shape I was getting.

I've always been a competitive person, and got serious about road racing and self-improvement during that time frame. After getting injured multiple times I decided to take it to the trails, so I would be less concerned about pace during my running.  Once I discovered the beauty of it, there's no going back. I'm not very competitive in trail running, but I absolutely love it!

One of my favorite places is a trail called Brice Creek. I love it because it's never the same. Every time I go there something has changed on the trail, a new tree is down, a new landslide. It's always breathtaking too."

Raina's favorite Skout product is the Chocolate Coconut Energy Bar.  "The products taste good, are not loaded with sugar, and I can trust the quality! (Plus, the packaging is convenient)."