Steph Imig


"I am a mom, teacher, ultra-runner, aspiring climber, and all-around mountain lover.  The grand juggling act of full-time parenting, teaching, and outdoor-adventuring is probably my greatest accomplishment, although that does not make it on any resume, nor is it often graceful.  I also count as an accomplishment taking my son backpacking, cross-country skiing, climbing, or on a short trail run, where his appreciation for, and love of our natural spaces become palpable.

There are more traditional accomplishments as well, a few of which are: 1st Female at 2017 Run the Rock Half Marathon; 2nd Female at 2017 Smith Rock Ascent; 4th Female at 2017 Mt. Hood 50 Mile; 1st Female 2015 NW Mountain Trail Series; 3rd Female 2017 Elk-Kings Mountain Traverse 25K.

I love the Peruvian Chocolate Energy Bar and the Oregon Blueberry Almond Organic Energy Bar; I honestly can't choose which one is my favorite.  Both are simple, have just the right balance of sweet and savory, provide sustainable energy, and don't mess with my stomach.
For a savory snack, I love the spicy chili pumpkin seeds (although those don't work quite as well for me when I am running!).  These are a favorite to munch while backpacking.  I swear they make my pack lighter, and they act like bait to lure my son up the trail!

Whether I am packing my pack for a long adventure run, or my backpack for a weekend in the mountains with my family, Skout products will always be there.  I love that the bars are not full of long, un-pronounceable ingredients, and don't have a million grams of sugar like other bars.  I feel good about what I am putting in my body, and in my son's body too!"