Tyler Green

Photo cred: James Holk

Photo cred: James Holk

Hometown: Portland, Oregon

Instagram Handle: @narrowgreenarrow

Website/Blog: ultrasidehustle.com

“Tyler grew up on a volcano in Portland, Oregon called Mt. Tabor. His primary hustle is teaching middle school English and health at a small private school while also coaching high school track and cross country, working with boarding students, and painting houses in the summer. Seeking adventure and service opportunities, he's lived in Libya and Nepal. His real passion is for the mountains, so he finds ways to spend as much time close to them as possible through trail running, skiing, and camping. He's a competitive ultrarunner.”

Why Skout: Skout offers energy that is clean and whole. I know exactly what is going into my body and I know with certainty that it will agree with my tastebuds and stomach, even when I’m pushing hard. Protein bars and seeds are excellent for snacking too!

Fav. Product: Dark chocolate and pink salt protein bar. They're an easy and incredibly tasty recovery option to tide me over between the trailhead after a long adventure run and the burrito place back in town. 

Fav. Sport: mountain ultra trail running

2018 Accomplishments:

  • Timberline Trail FKT

  • Sean O'Brien 100k 3rd place

  • Lavaredo Ultra Trail 14th place

2019 Goals:

  • Learn to run 100 milers. I've earned a Golden Ticket for the Western States Endurance Run, and I'm signing up for Cascade Crest as well. I'm approaching these with a competitive spirit and a healthy dose of a learning attitude.

What keeps you motivated: Choosing the right goals is paramount for my motivation. I look for goals that are almost outside my reach but still attainable because they keep me inspired to give everything I’ve got. Qualifying for the Western States Endurance Run is a major goal of mine and I’ve been one place away from an automatic qualification twice. Rather than make me frustrated, I feel motivated because this is a goal that I know is achievable if I continue to try.

Fav. Local Spot: I love a little pocket of Oregon called Opal Creek. I make sure I go once a year to explore an area of the creek that I’ve never seen before. Each time I’ve discovered something unbelievably beautiful and usually all to myself!

Who do you admire: I admire my parents who’ve shown me the value of hard work, but more so the importance of building relationships and serving others with intentionality.