Tyler Green


What outdoor activities are you passionate about, and what got you interested in them?

My sport of focus right now is mountain/ultra/trail running. I’ve run nearly my entire life, my first cross country racing happening in the second grade, but I feel I finally discovered the running I was meant to do when I began exploring the trails around my hometown of Portland, Oregon. As a began to run trails, my runs got longer and longer simply because I was enjoying them so much! I had no idea this would take me to all the far off places it has.

What inspires you to life a live full of adventures?

The two primary reasons I love adventure is the physical challenge of pushing my body to test limits and to explore this infinitely beautiful world. I want to be rich with experiences.

Why do you choose Skout Backcountry to fuel your adventures? How about to fuel your everyday lifestyle?

Skout offers energy that is clean and whole. I know exactly what is going into my body and I know with certainty that it will agree with my tastebuds and stomach, even when I’m pushing hard. Protein bars and seeds are excellent for snacking too!

What keeps you motivated, and why?

Choosing the right goals is paramount for my motivation. I look for goals that are almost outside my reach but still attainable because they keep me inspired to give everything I’ve got. Qualifying for the Western States Endurance Run is a major goal of mine and I’ve been one place away from an automatic qualification twice. Rather than make me frustrated, I feel motivated because this is a goal that I know is achievable if I continue to try.

What’s been your biggest accomplishment in the last year?

Lavaredo Ultra Trail 120k in the Italian Dolomites and the PCT Section J (Snoqualmie Pass to Stevens Pass) this summer were both incredible experiences and opportunities to push myself further than I’ve gone before. The magic of trail running happens when we cross the line from what we’ve done before and what we haven’t, so these runs were magical and unlocked new ability and belief in myself.

What are some of your goals for the next year (personal, health, athletic accomplishments etc.)

This year I’ll continue to pursue a Golden Ticket for Western States, and, of course, to race there well. My goal is to grow as a 100 mile runner by tackling multiple races, as well as work on some other adventure projects. All this while maintaining balance, recognizing that running and adventure are such excellent outlets, but there are other important matters in life as well!

What’s your go-to, favorite local spot to explore?

I love a little pocket of Oregon called Opal Creek. I make sure I go once a year to explore an area of the creek that I’ve never seen before. Each time I’ve discovered something unbelievably beautiful and usually all to myself!

Who do you admire and why?

I admire my parents who’ve shown me the value of hard work, but more so the importance of building relationships and serving others with intentionality.