Whitney Powell

Whitney grew up as a multi-sport athlete, competing as an elite equestrian showjumper and Olympian-caliber men's coxswain.  She currently runs her own production company, Iron Will Productions, coaches athletes in performance nutrition and competes as a marathoner and full-distance IRONMAN triathlete.

"My job is adventure and sports, so I ride horses, run, sail, cycle, swim, dive, surf ... anything I can do when I travel. But I compete in Ironman Tris, marathons, and ultra-marathons/trail running. I'm a baby in the grand scheme of things in ultras, but I'm so hooked and adore the people, trails and communities. From Antartica, to Africa, Japan, Chile and Canada... I have run the world and have never met better people or seen better hidden gems by getting off the roads!

I have a lot of friends who are Olympians and world record holders. They sacrifice everything financially and emotionally to practice their sport.  I compete with men's rowing teams as a coxswain so I get to see these champs at their best and at their worst, and it's incredibly humbling and inspiring to be around that caliber of athlete. 

I am super picky about what I eat and natural ingredients and whole foods are so crucial to health and performance.  So... how can I go wrong with Skout?  There's even coconut in the bars!"